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US Passive House Conference and Exhibition 2011

The 6th annual North American Passive House Conference and Exhibition 2011 is being held in Silver Spring, MD, right in the Metropolitan DC area, on October 28th and 29th.


We would like to invite you to visit our stand and see our Energate Passive House Products and discuss your window and door needs with us.





Past Events/News


SmartHome Cleveland Features Energate Windows

This summer, visitors to The Cleveland Museum of Natural History are invited to tour a home that could represent the future of energy-efficient housing. PNC SmartHome Cleveland is a real house constructed on Museum grounds and is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Climate Change, which will be on display July 23 through December 31, 2011 in the Museum's Kahn Hall.

Designed to function without a furnace, SmartHome Cleveland is 90 percent more energy efficient than a typical home. ... Three key elements distinguish "passive house" structures from typical houses: high levels of insulation, with walls up to 18 inches thick; a carefully sealed building envelope with minimal air leakage combined with efficient heat-recovery ventilation for superior indoor air quality; and ultra high-performance windows—at least double-paned and typically triple-paned. The result is a home with no drafts, no cold spots and extremely low heating bills. More...



See Energate Windows in the Passive House

at the Minnesota State Fair

(August 25th - September 5th)



Energate windows and doors are featured in the Passive House at the Green Crossing at the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair.  The Passive house is designed and built by students from North Dakota State University, who are featuring Energate Passive House certified windows, entrance doors and lift&slide doors in the very energy-efficient building. The fair is open to the public starting on August 25th until after Labor Day.  More...




International Passive House Conference and Exhibition 2011


The 15th International Passive House Conference and Exhibition 2011 is coming up soon in Innsbruck, Austria.  We would like to invite you to visit our stand at the passive house exhibition in Innsbruck to see all the Energate Passive House Products in a well designed showroom setting. We would also like to offer you a free beverage in the Energate bar, or you can sit down and discuss your project with us in the Energate Lounge.


For more information about the 2011 Passive House Conference and Exhibition, please visit PHI or iPHA.



News about Passive House Building


ArchitectureWeek.Com:  Energy Conservation: Passive House - 2011

The venerable Build Boston conference often provides an excellent way to take the temperature of the architecture and construction industry. Among the diverse range of topics covered at the conference, held November 17 to 19, 2010, three major themes emerged at the most popular sessions: energy, technology, and codes.

Six of the seminars were grouped as a symposium on the topic of "Passive House" buildings, which are airtight, super-insulated houses and other structures that rely on passive (non-mechanical) energy gain, augmented by renewable resources.

Proponents like to say such buildings "can be heated with a hair dryer"; no less impressive, the buildings are typically warmed sufficiently by the heat from occupants and appliances. The key elements of this approach are codified into a set of measurable standards that can result in a building being certified by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) or by corresponding European organizations.



Passive houses aggressively reduce energy - Feb 17, 2011 - By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY

The passive house movement, popularized in Europe, where thousands of such homes have been built, is starting to catch on in the United States as consumers look to lower their utility bills. These homes don't require pricey solar panels or wind turbines but focus on old-fashioned building science to reduce energy use by up to 90% less energy.  Architect Nancy Schultz designed an ultra-efficient and stylish passive home in frigid Isabella, Minn., for her and her husband, John Eckfeldt. who says it's like living in a glass thermos.

"It holds great promise for this country," says Alex Wilson, executive editor of Environmental Building News. He says the needed materials, especially windows, are becoming more affordable, and building codes are demanding greater efficiency.



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